What we do

What makes us different?

Ignite offers individual courses at an affordable cost. We won’t try and shoehorn people into courses that already exist if a tailor made one is right for them.

We won’t be a faceless company that speaks to customers through sales people. We’ll speak directly through our training designers.

Customers get a dedicated consultant to work through their project with them rather than an instructional designer more concerned with quantity than quality.

A complete service

We make the end-to-end eLearning process simple by looking after the complete lifecycle of a company’s training requirements. We’ll provide tailored ‘learning journeys’ that offer value, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ classroom course that doesn’t take into account individual learning styles.


Accessible Learning

So many of our clients didn’t know where to start with eLearning. Some had tried and failed, either in house with tools that weren’t fit for purpose, or spending too much on the wrong team externally.

We have the technology and skills to make bespoke eLearning available to all. The Ignite team can help even those disillusioned with eLearning to see the value of improving the skills of their workforce.

We help self-employed people who want to learn a new skill for business, and employed people who want to learn a new skill in their leisure time, and can’t afford to spend a fortune on a hobby!

Our promise

We’ll be honest, transparent, and professional. We’re not the biggest, but we believe that’s a good thing for our customers. It allows us to offer a high level of personal service and quality courses.